Give your home a brand new look with this simple tip!

We all want our home to be modern and sophisticated. What we don’t know is that a new coat of painting on your front door is a great way to give your house a whole new look!



For this DIY project you’ll only need:


–Paint2It tray
–Paint Scraper
–Palm sander
–Paint roller


–1 quart of exterior paint

First of all, you need to choose the perfect color for your front door. 
Tape a few swatches to your door and check every color with the lighting.


Next, yo’ll want to remove the locks and knobs for a professional-looking finish. You can always tape them off and paint around them, but we recommend to remove them all.

Clean the wall and use de pal sander to roughen the existing paint, this’ll give the primer a better surface to adhere to.


Apply the primer and let dry. Depending on the final color, you may want to get the primer tinted, but if not apply your white primer and wait for it to dry. When the primer has dried, run the sand paper lightly over the surface to level out any irregularities.

Begin your painting project by painting the edges and details of your door. Brush the trim details by and with a paintbrush so that you can lay an even base coat, and use a small roller to paint all flat surfaces of your door.


Finally, you just have to reattach all your door hardware (locks and knobs) when the painting has fully dried.

And voilá! A brand new and fresh look for your home with just one single change!