Keep your paint brushes always in good shape!


Knowing how to clean your paint brushes keeps them in good condition so they are ready next time you need them.

Here are a few tips and tricks to clean your brushes!

  1. Removing acrylic paint.

You’ll need water and a bucket. Fill the bucket with water, then soak your brush for a few minutes. Stir the in brush in the water and wipe it against the side of the bucket several times. Repeat this until your brush is clean. 

  1. Cleaning oil-based paint off your brush.

Before cleaning oil-based paint off your brush, put on your dust mask and safety glasses, to protect you from the fumes. Pour some turpentine into a bucket and soak your brush in it for several minutes. Swirl the brush around and wipe it against the side of the bucket until it’s clean. Then wipe it dry on a rag.  

  1. Removing dried paint off your brush.

Removing water-based paint from your brush is easy if you do it right after you finish painting. Otherwise to remove dried paint from a brush, whether its enamel, lacquer, oil or water-based, use paintbrush restorer. Put on your gloves, safety glasses and dust mask, then pour the paint brush restorer into a metal bucket. Soak your brush in it, until it looks clean. Then use a wire brush to remove any excess dried paint.  


Now that you know how to keep your brushes clean, you can save them like new for more painting projects.

Happy painting!