Painting tricks and techniques!

Sometimes, when we look up for information on how to paint a wall it looks like a lot (because it is), and we worry or get overwhelmed. Well you don’t have to be! Painting a room is an easy, inexpensive DIY project and you can do it!

In this post we’ll give you some tricks and techniques to keep the stress out of your painting job! 



The first thing you need to know is that painting a room is best accomplished by first painting along the trim, ceiling, and corners with a brush. After you’ve done that, you can go in with a roller to finish the walls. This will make it so much easier and less messy! 


Only dip your brush about half or quarter of an inch into the paint, then wipe off one side. This will help you to avoid paint runs from using too much and it will keep your brush in good condition. 


Paint in long, continuous strokes. Not doing so is one of the most common mistakes. 

When painting with a roller, aim for covering a three foot wide section at a time, always remembering to keep a wet edge and working from dry to wet. 



Put a second coat and let your paint fully dry between coats. Your paint job may look OK after just one coat, but believe us, it will look even better after two. If you’re using a dark or vivid color, you may even need three or more coats for a perfect finish 



This are just a few techniques for a better and easier painting project, we’ll love to hear if you have any other tips you’d like to share!