Ready to choose the right color for your home?

Ready to choose the right color for your home?

Don’t get confused! Choose the right colors for your home with these simple steps we got for you!


  1. First of all, you need to get some inspiration. Magazines, websites and even your friends can be your starting point. Also, try looking through a book of color swatches to check which color goes better with each room. 


  1. Decide on a light or dark color theme. Lighter colors can open up a space, while darker colors have the opposite effect. 


  1. Test paint samples. Now that you chose colors for your rooms, pick a wall and test paint with samples. Try living with your sample color on your walls for at least a week before making a final decision. 


And you’re ready to start!

Painting your home gives you a new and fresh start, so have fun and enjoy your painting process!