Water-Based or Oil–Based paint?

If you’re going to start a painting project you’ll be wondering what type of paint is the best for painting a room or space.

In this post, we’ll be talking a little bit of two types of paint: oil-based paint and water-based paint.

Oil-based paint has been around for many years now, and has been the best paint for woodwork. Whether you wanted to paint the woodwork inside your home or the external woodwork or metal work then oil based paint was the best choice. Is best known to be strong and durable and it’s been changing over the years to become more environmentally friendly.


Nowadays there’s no need to use only oil-based when painting a room. Modern water-based options, which dry faster and have less odor, offer plenty of gloss and wipeability. As for paint finishes, you can’t fail with a matte finish on walls and a satin finish on trim.


Both type of paints have their unique characteristics and it all depends on you.The most important thing is to choose one and start your painting project!