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Need to know something about how Paint2it works? 

 How much paint does the Paint2iT hold?

The Paint2iT holds up to 12 oz. of paint for The Anti-Gravity Technology to be effective.
For large painting areas, the tray could hold up to 30 oz. of paint when it´s left on the floor or strapped securely to the top of a ladder, which gives you easy mobility and fast painting time.
30 oz. is not Anti-Gravity

How does it clean up?

Use firm pressure against a squeegee (included) to remove all remaining paint from The Paint2iT, back to the can. Then rinse with cold water until water runs clear.

When can I use my Paint2iT again? How many times can I use it? 

If you need to immediately reuse, dry out with a towel or blow-dry the liner before reuse. Make sure the liner it’s completely dry after pouring new paint. 

After the first use of your Paint2iT, the last color used on it will be in your liner, if you clean it correctly, it wont mixed with a new color, and You can change colors without the risk of mix colors.
Use different Professional Refill (Yellow Liner) for paint jobs with two or more colors, so you can interchange the liner easy, fast, and get your job done.
PRO and PRO Refill: You can use it as many times needed, with water base paint, latex or acrylic paints. With oil base paint and stains you can use it 1 time.
PLUS and Disposable Refi You can use it 2-3 times, with water base paint, latex or acrylic paints. With oil base paint and stains you can use it 1 time. 

What’s the difference between the Paint2iT PRO and PLUS? 

The Paint2iT PRO, for be use with water base paint, latex or acrylic paints. The PRO liner can be use as many times as needed, once it’s clean it correctly.
Oil based paint can be use; however due to solvent cleanup it is recommended to dispose PRO Liner, because it could damage the surface and The Anti-Gravity Technology wont work properly again.
The Paint2iT PLUS, for oil base paint, once your job paint it’s done, just dispose the liner and replace it by a new one, (not included), get as many replacements as needed.
If you use the PLUS version with water base paint, latex or acrylic paints, it last up to 2 uses, then replace the liner.
PRO Liner - Reusable after clean up, use with water base paints, latex or acrylic paints.
PLUS Liner - Disposable when using oil base paints, stains.
**You can use the PRO liner with the PLUS base, and vice versa.

What types of paint can be used with the Paint2iT? 

Paint2iT PRO: water base paint, latex or acrylic paints.

Paint2iT PLUS:  oil base paint and stains.


What types of brush or roller do I need for the Paint2iT?

Any type of brush or roller including 9” roller or mini roller can be use with the Paint2it.

What is the benefit of the re-sealable bag?

The re-sealable bag its included with the PRO Liner and the PLUS liner.
After a day of work or if you need to pause your paint job, You can storage your Paint2iT PRO or PLUS up to 3 weeks and the paint will maintain fresh as new, and then You can continue your paint job.
You can buy a re-sealable bags as a replacements or for be use with different liner storage. 
**The size and caliber of the Paint2iT re-sealable bags has made exclusively for use it with this product. Do not use to storage any other product or food.
**“Warning: To avoid danger of suffocation, keep this plastic bag away from babies and children. Do not use this bag in cribs, beds, carriages, or playpens. This bag is not a toy.”

Can you use stain in the Paint2iT?

Yes, it can be used with stains that have the same consistency and viscosity as paint. Known as controlled penetration stains. When used with liquid stains, tray must be left of the ground or strapped to the top of a ladder.

Is it meant for the “DIY” painter and the professional painter?

Yes. Paint2iT is a quality made product that gives everyone who uses so many benefits. Anyone can enjoy saving half the time painting, but also finish a job with less mess and stress. For the DIY person, it makes painting more fun, especially when you don’t have the worry about the mess around your living space.
For the commercial and professional painters, now can get through jobs quicker and with less safety issues. That means more jobs and more revenue for your business. And now you can paint safely and securely in those hard-to-reach areas. 
The Paint2iT it’s perfect for large paint areas, interior or exterior and for touch up and trimming. 
You won’t need all the preparation material for cover the floor, carpets, furniture.
With the Paint2iT you just need the paint and a brush or roller and ready to go on your job paints. 
It’s perfect for muralist, artist, canvas, decoration, kitchens, rooms, walls, ceiling, house, furniture, small parts, use different color at same time without mixing together, perfect for children’s, schools, art shops, interior designers.

Makes painting fun, clean, fast and stressful!