How much paint does the Paint2iT hold?

The Paint2iT holds up to 12 oz. of paint.

How does it clean up?

Run cold water into the center of the Paint2iT using your squeegee to do small circular motion, begin enlarging the circular motion until you reach the outer edge of the Liner. Repeat this process until the water runs clear.

How many times can I use it?

PRO can be used as many times as you need. PLUS can be used up to three times. (Only 1 time if used oil or stains paint)

What’s the difference between the Paint2iT PRO and PLUS? 

We recommend you to use our Paint2iT PRO if you’re working with silicon, vinyl or water based paint; this tray is reusable.If you want to use oil based paint, we recommend you to use Paint2iT PLUS; this tray includes a Disposable Liner Refill.

What types of paint can be used with the Paint2iT?

Paint2iT PRO: water based paint, silicone, vinyl, latex or acrylic.

Paint2iT PLUS:  stains, silicone, vinyl, latex, acrylic, water based paint & oil based paint.

What types of brush or roller do I need for the Paint2iT?

 Any type of brush or mini roller up to 6".