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Includes a 12” diameter plastic base with our ANTI-GRAVITY TECHNOLOGY™ disposable liner.
An adjustable strap that fits any hand size and a squeegee. Its special design allows you to install the disposable liner directly to the base.
The Paint2iT PLUS, for oil based paint, once your job paint it’s done, just dispose the liner and replace it by a new one, (not included), get as many replacements as needed.
If you use the PLUS version with water base paint, latex or acrylic paints, it last up to 2 uses, then replace the liner.
**You can use the PRO liner with the PLUS base, and vice versa.
-No cleaning needed, remove the disposable liner when you’re done painting!
-When the disposable liner is attached to the base, the tool can be washed in water for reuse a second time.
-For best results use a new disposable liner each time you paint.
-Store it in a re-sealable plastic bag, and make your paint last up to three days without drying.
-Holds up to 12oz. of paint without risk of spilling or dripping.
-Perfect for professionals and DIY painters.

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